Andy Luke (andyluke) wrote,
Andy Luke

Early December 07 Update

Some new sets I've put up on Flickr

Adam Murphy at the Oxford Jam Factory
Gaurav and Hitesh in Oxford 07
Food Fun at Dan Japans

and a few nice photos of myself, of Ken, of Lucy and of oxfordslacker, he wants to see you start wearing purple.

Lately I've
watched:   Paul Greengrass' Bloody Sunday (physically evoking)
                    Oliver Stone's JFK (educative)
Read:         Paul Levinson's Digital McLuhan (fab)
                    Karrie Fransman's comix (sits happily)

On the eve of his 34th birthday, Andrew Luke said, this calls for celibacion. Yep, just like Cliff Richard but with more swears.

Heres a snap of my graphic novel-in progress. Due out around Caption 2008.

(Still need badasstronaut's permission to use a few photos she took of me with maps.)

Sean Duffield sent me this

"Written by Mark Thomas involving someone he thought a close friend at CAAT who turned out to be a spy for BAE systems (Weapon Manufacturer). Mark's tone is not of blame and anger, but confudion and recounting the story and he and his "friend's" time together and trying to ascertain which were monets of true fiendship and those of undercover faking. It's a fascinating story:,,2221505,00.html"

Thanks respected individuals for the kind words about my new 24 hour comic (link to in-progress photo)
I'd like to have it up on the web in the new year. Presently on sale at Camden or from myself at the address on my profile page.

I expect to be paid soon. So I will leave the bedsit inc. fund a bought round at a bar before Christmas.

I still miss my dog and am very sad about the dog-shaped space around.

I put a few photos of him up around me bedsit.

A few posts ago I asked if I had missed any particular worthy LJ posts or new life events ?

Too few of you responded.

John Luke Andrew says, "Make it so"

p.s Seems you were right about Facebook, danny_pongo I shoulda listened to my gut. Report from Wired about Facebook monitoring privacy and beaconstuff.

After you've read all that, remember, you owe me...
(except for  the bees)
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