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Sir Reginald of Celebrity and Chakra
Background 1: About two years ago benchilada    sends me details of a story about Sir Reginald A few months later, I create three pages, the first one especially I think a fine illuminated ms. More time passes. The first page is lost, spectacularly recovered and once again goes missing. Numbered hunts prove fruitless. I consign myself to bitter defeat, that project abandoned. Damn, Damn I must work with this Benchilada genius one.

Background 2 : I'm busy til Wednesday working through requirements to pass a module on The Developing Self. Twelves pages of notes A4 stapled one below another. Connecting cognitive behavioural models with self-integration, towards the transpersonal self. Mixing Jean Piaget and Robert Anton Wilson, yes I'm showing off. Strikes me by Bazan Brothers style concept map illustrating a few of the chakra points might be well represented by a thumbnail inclusion of that half-completed page were Sir Reginald prepares to consume a tasty coelcanath.

So, from the odds and end place,

Sir Reg - Pop Celeb

Sir Reg- Chakra and Coelcanath

(the garlic coelcanath would of course be chewed slowly)

Hope yis like.
benchilada's accompanying prose can be found on this link.

Special thanks to Oli Smith who
reviewd my 24 hour comic calling it, "THE BEST COMIC OF 2007".

Arts subsidies and grants should be sent to the address on my profile page.

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Told ya! That is one fine comic.

I agree with the review of the 24-hr comic, as you may already know. Moving, expressive, and reflective. Genius. That's what art should be.

Chakra and the Coelacanth is BLOWING my MIND.

Study update : I have yet to find out if theres a hand-on-the- garlic chakra. Perhaps its some special anti-vampire chakra particular to him. Well-balanced diets maybe provide the link.

I've just put up a post about you, you sexy beast.

And if there's no hand-on-garlic chakra then I've just lost faith in all occult phenomena and beliefs.

:D<(I'm getting there)

:D<(The concept map now has a Spidey mask in the middle)

Post gave me some giggly glee. Good to see your original prose in there too. Will make a nice sub-section on the Sir Reginald DVD !

I had to take the hand-in-garlic chakra out of the map but I suspect its an important part of the upper system. Not on the scan theres a line right above Sir Reginald's head that reads,

'Ajna and Sahasrara (Higher Consciousness)'

Edited at 2007-12-11 06:58 pm (UTC)

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