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So my concept map for the Developing Self is due in tomorrow. I know what I'm doing, I just don't know what its called.

Some broad suggestions offered by the tutor for the sort of map we might create:

Understanding the Self
My Own Development
Past affecting present and future
Role of the Self In Learning

A few words I've been able to string together,

Points of departure and the growth of a transpersonal self
Integrated and Chronological Meditation of the Existential Self
The Self in Transpersonal Development
The self in the Role of Socio-Political Activation

Your own suggestions

Heres the thumbnail of the map. Click on it to take you to a portal were you can access bigger sizes.

I'll be friends-locking this entry about midday CET tomorrow, and the Flickr upload. The full version will be up within that week.


I went with "Integrated and Chronological Meditation on the Transpersonal Self", and the finished map looks great !
Tags: mapping, philosophy, psychology, sir reginald, spirituality

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