Andy Luke (andyluke) wrote,
Andy Luke

Put the Boy In The Army (Relitiva Discordia)

The crowds gathered and screamed
They held their cheers to the President
Pink Yellow ribbon tickets shower
Their rally, Their cheers
Good for you ! Strength to President
Clap Rawr, love love
Noted nothing of the unjust war
Uncalled for
Or this secret spending
Company's re-written law

Twilight Black Ops, Covert File Camps
Drawing line
This now Fox tells you
Adoring crowds with the Don Walker Show
He raised his armalite, shot chunks
The Emperor's Brain Fell
    (On some of his clothes)
Walker Shaw circles the whirlpool
He will not shoot any of these people
They have no guns
Before the knowledgeable
As the brave look to emerge
Secure/and confine him down
Walker Shaw looks the outer ripples around
And around, and he's yelling,
"I'm just your patsy !"
And some men did not cheer
Nor brave step forward
Were shock became consensus
Tags: poetry

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