May 14th, 2007

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Between a rock and an exam place

Well, I've just sat my exam for Understanding Society 2: Transformations, and I feel fairly confident I've got a grade B. The revision notes helped largely, though I missed out a key area in them and that felt costly, scuppering through I think because of my veteran Sociology studiousness.
I'l be posting the notes for that one and for tomorrow mornings exam up in the next hour. If you already know what I'm talking about you might wanna spread the word. And wish me luck !
sp act hero movie

Exam Revision Comics Disclaimer

I'll take any questions about those comics sometime later as i like food and bed very. Briefly though, I'd gotten so slackbrained about the concept of revision, I thought it would it be scientifically prudent to make revision comics. About six hours per module, mostly in one sitting. These were originally intended for my eyes only but became much more interesting than that. Please do not rely on these as a study aid, although if they make fun learning they've worked beyond what they were meant for.