May 25th, 2007

sp act hero movie

I guess I'm feeling strange - quiz time !

Swiped fromjosephartist, and ill-considered. For what its worth at an unusual hour of the morning......

01) Eagle (1980s) is the first comic book I really got into.
02) ...... is one of the comics I currently collect. (Next !)
03) The Batman is one of my all-time favourite superheroes.
04) The Fixer: A Story from Sarajevo is my favourite non-superhero comic.
05) Venom is a very overrated character (currently, at least...)
06) .Jack T Chick is, in my opinion, a very overrated comic artist.
07) Grant Morrison is one of my favourite comic book writers.
08) Meeting new and old friendships through comics is a happy comic book memory for me.
09) Eddie Campbell is awesome at drawing female characters.
10) one of my all-time favourite comic artists. (Too many to mention)
11) ..... is an artist I'd love to see drawing a monthly series. (n/a)
12) Love and Rockets is a comic I've meant to read, but haven't done so yet.
13) Automan is a welcome '80s comeback.
14) Diamond Previews is a comic I've never read or paid much attention to.
15) Venom is a popular character I've never really paid attention to.
16) Watchmen is a title I would recommend to my friends.
17) Mr. Nile is one of my favourite comic villains.
18) Sin City is a comic I'm glad they made into a movie/movie franchise.
19) a comic they totally ruined by making it into a movie. (it cannot be done, such is the power of the medium! ha !)
20) Simon Furman is someone I would really love to meet at a comic convention.
21) Foggy Nelson is a character I can see myself being for Halloween.
22) Transformers is a comic I used to love, but now I'm not so hot about.
23) Graham Betthany is someone I would love to work on a comic book with.
24) £5 is the most I'll spend on a 22-page (average sized) comic.
25) Top Ten is something/someone they should bring back.

Theres a review of a mini-comic by Cartoon Kate Evans over at TRS2 this morning. I really must get round to returning that to the Oxford Action Resource Centre. Its a marvellous service that has been thrown into some turmoil following the financial insecurity of the East Oxford Community Centre Social Club. Caption attendees and other supporters will be happy to learn that as of a few weeks ago, the bar has been re-opened.
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