June 5th, 2007

Body Of Activism

If you catch a feather in your hand,

from for example, bedding, I were told, you can make a wish. This applies when you vacuum. The most accurate studies of this often go unwritten.

Theres a message on my mobile phone,

"There are more than 20 angels in this world. 10 are peacefully sleeping on clouds. 9 are playing and 1 is reading this txt at this moment. Send this message to 10 of your friends including me. If you you get 5 replies someone you love will surprise you. Happy days. Don't break this - its working x x"

So I immediately returned it to the sender on 14 May when I got it as it were obviously very important to him. It was sent on as a one-to-one signal from him to me so I assume it has no bearing on your life. You're entitled to know there are no such things as angels, there are millions of angels in this world they come and go they come and go. You're entitled to know this message is poorly measuring in investing. Hollow and arrogant in presumption of ruling facts. Oh and such mastery of the font options ! The conclusion is accurate enough though the inferred happiness comes from being told I not only

a) Don't have to send this along
but also
b) More happiness may become from not actually sending this along.

I wish to add (c) Andrew Luke 2007, is the receiver of many such emails and texts of this sort. Andrew is read by sockpuppets, and they are seven different people each. Mission accomplished then.

I suspect a soundtrack for this post is The Blue Aeroplanes - (You Are) Loved
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