June 14th, 2007

sp act hero movie

Best Read Before End Aug 07

Re-titled because jenbee mentioned Climate Camp, which turns out to be the week after Caption, rather exciting venue, and much more likely to benefit from the >50 copies that a project like this needs backing with.

For printing I'm considering Parchment, and I've not ruled out Oxford GreenPrint, I certainly would like to make some connections there.

I've put out word to a number of individuals I reckon are definitely interested, and I'd like to get some activists who definitely know what they're doing. This is a problem as I've been doing this solo and with a focus stateside. I'm not really sure were to go outside People and Planet, New Internationalist, Schnews, and Amnesty International.

The meeting at OARC on Tuesday night was positive and reminded me what a big thing I'd originally imagined this as. Still, man shall not momentum on imagination alone.

Additionally, I think a website for these strips with an Urgent Action template letter aspect to it is probably a matter sometime in the future.
sp act hero movie

a 3rd livejournal entry today from anders luke

Ah, today the uglies are distracted by exam results. A Grade 'F' on "Learning Through Social Interaction" which I expected, a "B" on Sociology : Transformations, and a most surprising of all, a "B+" on Playing the Game : The Culture of Digital Gaming. I'm a little surprised as I wrote the final versions of the essay drinked off my blinkers after a night out at a club with Richard. I feel I let myself and Tom down some with a shoddy essay. I guess this means if I'd bothered to work at it properly, maybe I could have gotten an A.

I've to take a re-sit in July for Sociology of Health and Illness. I'm really puzzled why this is, and will be consulting the tutor directly, nowish.

edit : some of my SocHlth&Illnss comix have around 75 views on flickr, and being posted the day before the exam, though theres no way this could be connected. That would just be silly and slappy flappy.

The laptop is off to the Trade Exchange again this afternoon, so for urgent contacts http://www.livejournal.com/tools/textmessage.bml?user=andyluke
Meantime, I'll be on the pooled computer rooms when.
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