July 5th, 2007

Do it this way

I am not a music snob #5

My favourite bus driver drove me into town. She smiled at me with a remembering happiness and I was a little taken aback in a good way, as shes quite fanciable and one of those folk I'd like to pal with. So I browsed my copy of New Internationalist. I was halfway to town when I realised that for the first time in ages, there was no music. A sweet sweet silence on the bus. It were love. Thankyou my favourite bus driver.

I really must talk to the people I work with to find out more details on work radio.

Oh Destiny's Child no no no

The Charlie's Angel Movie Theme.
Independent Woman Part 1 seemed to me just another song that stood out through its tuneful celebration of cunnilingus and fellatio. Well I checked the lyrics on this one, and wondered about the elements of self-abuse or (and the peaceful way out) doublethink fascism. Of course those are broad meanings (but obviously not the one that THEY mean, oh you have to think poignantly for that one, DEEP, ENIGMATIK)

The song trails off not so much in a harmony, more a speaking in tongues session. Sounds as if the Destiny's Child distribution army took the whole predestination trip unnaturally. Borrowed from the Cremation of Care export in the feature film Dark Secrets Inside Bohemian Grove.

Following on from some comments by timscience  I had a go at testing the speakers on the Brookes Bus while Graham's Love Hour was played. Graham's Love Hour, from Fox FM is like The Jeremy Kyle Show only everyone is naked. Brainweary DJ Graham offers a kareing pint of you while setting up false ohbutitshard - thisisaveryserioustopic paradigms to anyone caught on the end of his electromagnetic grid steel tongue. He manages to steer the conversation into as many 'topics' as possible, like Kyle liquored on a go-kart track. Oh theres abuse. 10 points ! Oh, can I catch estrangement as well ? 20 points ! Affer ! Affer !

Anyhow the speakers at the very back of the Brookes Bus are quite fragile and could be easily damaged should one wish to do so. The signal was also tender enough that when I pushed two fingers on it I muffled it. Some cotton wool or candy floss jammed in there should work. There ya go Brookes students, a new party trick ! Oh those students up to their mischief, whatever will they think of next !

My pal  danny_pongo asked me to give him a plug on here. Hes a very interesting wild funny fella. A travellers soul with a touch of the beat media nerd, and the facial hair of a cat. Maybe NSFW, he uses naughty words. Anyway he has some great ideas such as a new tv show and recent ponderings on the Illuminati and Concert For Diana, so please read a dose of his offerings when you have some time. Hes been talking about being on LJ for a while now so if you're in a cool mood go [info]danny_pongo <<<<
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I'm supposed to be taking a second look at a potential new gaff. Seems to meet my prerequisites of not noisy and not messy, the landlord is as far as I can make out, a veteran tutor with a good rep. The immediately noticeable drawback is extensive business work going on in the very next house. Oops.

It looks like it could take up to six months.

Do you know of anyone looking for a sharer in Oxford that might be a productive match with me ?