July 25th, 2007

sp act hero movie

Wednesday July 25th : Dyanmo, Belfast, Laverys Bunker

Arrived back in Belfast safely this morning, and family health isnt quite as bad as I'd feared. Very much looking forward to seeing more of them and close friends, and to Saturday's mini comics meet at The Odyssey. I suppose tickets should be booked. If anyone fancies it, or hasn't already let me know please do contact.

Tomorrow night
Surprise gig by Dynamo !
Laverys, The Bunker, Belfast 9pm
Admission probably about 3quid

I'll be there.

Maybe I can convince Stu and the guys to put 'Omega' up online in some form. I'm sure its one of the high lights of the Ulster music scene in the last five years. (Snow Patrol, yeah, take your place in the line !)

Ahhh, the joys of feeling this way. Stuart Luke, is of course lead vocalist and guitarist of rock quartet.

I've not quite been enjoying Dynamo's new album so much as I did 'Omega'. My favourite track off of Dynamo's IIIrd is 'Home', seems to have lost something in the ep version, a more energy the live polished demo had. (You can check out 'Home' and the other tracks on that 3rd album on their myspace)