December 18th, 2007

july 2004

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Morning spent washing dishes, shaving face, and shovelling a blanket of dust off. Too tired to produce sheds of pages today. Going to concentrate on the odds and ends that I've out off over the past semester. Nows a good time to remind me of promises unfulfilled.
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Life Behind Bars

Working from jinty and girlycomics uploaded completed pages of the Caernarfon/Portmerion Adventures, I've compiled a .pdf file. The usual esnips account is down so I shifted a few comic pdfs over to new storage space at Snapfile.

The Pdf of Life Behind Bars (A Spring Comics Retreat Production) is 48mb and features the talents of damiancugley, jinty, motodraconis, girlycomic, discipline_lad, jackfirecat, mr_snips, phlebas and of course andyluke

It can be temporarily be found at