March 24th, 2008

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Shiny Happy People : March 22nd Comics Bits

What follows is a few of my wee notes on what I got up to on March 22nd 2008. Fuller coverage can be found elsewhere including the brilliant video floating around YouTube by our director Oli Smith.

Well, I put my theory to the test. I invested £20 in The Thing, and got a £2 return. I put £2.40 into Camden and got that back with £10 extra.

London Underground comics invested £60, and got an extra £80 on top of this.

I'd previously hinted there will be a large Camden comics festival in June and this has been confirmed. I'm under embargo to talk about it any more at this point, though there were a number of leaks from Oli, so start talking to people ! Its expected that the cost to individual exhibitors will be £3 each, or may run on the Caption 10% Sale-or-return model. I've already said a fair bit !

The Camden Thing - My Photo Album (hyperlink)

Jack Brodies disappointed a number of people with a mysterious unannounced closure.

The Thing seems to have been considered an alright day this year FOR the cartoonists who attended. Between two and four reports of cartoonists making back their table costs so far.

On the way to Mile End, Andrew Stitt quips, "We have eight minutes before the train. Maybe we could all draw a six minute comic". Luke replies, "Stitt, you're on !" Sally Anne Hickman, Jenny Linn-Cole and both Andrews dive for their paper and pens and do it. Right there on the platform. Oh yeah. Giggity giggity.

There was a panel this year though there appears to be some controversy as to what it actually was. The decision was taken eight hours before opening time.

Associates seating rose on the day from £3 to £4, equalling entry cost - but not replicating it.

There were unfavourable and neutral content reports about the curator's behaviour on the day.

Jim Medway had a great Thing, and got very sad when I referred to a "seriously improper immoral and unethical distribution of capital". We agreed that a festival organiser should get paid, so the whole bunkum that I might be a communist sympathiser was put to rest. He gave me his new book which is full of darling fairies and some rocking smart tattoos. Emphasising the rock.

Daniel Merlin-Goodbrey and Sean Azzopardi are working on a story which includes a most awesome black helicopter.

Jeremy Dennis has a new comic out which has shiny objects on the cover. Cliodhna Lyons comic has curly bit on the cover.

Here are some pictures from the Mile End Pubcon (hyperlink)

Daniel Merlin-Goodbrey and Sally Anne-Hickman will be exhibiting at the Oxford Jam Factory, August 2nd-30th

As well as keywords, 'manifesto' and 'union', catchphrases for the day included Grave Graham Bettany and Peter Lally's 'Cashback !' and the phrase 'Thats Good Lester' which is still on my arm in perma-marker.

Gary Northfield got very drunk.

I did not get a good deep tonguing.

The private comics party, Bailliecon included a reception meal of potato fillets, before a pop culture and entertainments seminar. The morning activity 'Headache Surprise !' and the traditional Lebanese breakfast followed. The afternoon ended with a second seminar loooking at Furman's Grand Unified Theory of Transformers : Perception and Consciousness, and Jack Hargreaves Jenga.

BaillieCon 2008 Photo Album (Hyperlink)