May 16th, 2008

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24 Hour Comics (and Zines) Reviews Day

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Heres an idea I've been nurturing a while, and after discussion with Comics Village's Glenn Carter at the weekend , and with the No Barcodes Festival coming up, it seemed time to push on with it,

24 Hour Comics Reviews Day

Over the weekend of 23rd-25th May.

The rules of 24 Hour comics Reviews Weekend:


24 Reviews of Comics or Zines must take place within 24 hours
These should be published on the web in more than one site.
If you don't have more than one site, you can open a blog or website specifically to house your reviews for the 24hr reviews session. On a blog this must happen within the allotted time. Special arrangements may be made on community sites for publishing the reviews before they progress.
You may not review a comic that has previously been reviewed on the site you are submitting the review to.

You may not begin reading a comic intended for review within the 24hr comics period. If you have previously read the comic you intend to review, you must re-read it before reviewing, It is suggested that re-reads be kept to a percentile minimum.

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Sorting out my collection of mini-comics, readying them for a donation to the V & A Museum. Do I hold onto the Ralph Kidson material ? oh do i do i ? The portrait sketch on the back of that envelope is also a Ralph Kidson

Half way through the first of two boxes. Many surprise finds, including my first Jeremy Dennis comic, some vintage Frazer Irving, rare Sleaze Castle merchandise, Jay Bonney's scary horror stories, Vintage Bulldog, Toby Parsons, Malcy Duff and Dogbreath. Oh I so might hang on to the Mikal Dyas piece - its so yummy

I'm guessing these photos are pretty crummy but my enabled resolution cam seems to have wandered. I'll see what I can do about getting better shots much for a one night job, theres a weekend in this.

Check the post below for news of the 24 Hour Comics Reviews Day. I'm 100% serial.