September 23rd, 2008

sp act hero movie

I've made it ! (Just the nonsense)

After years of writing about British comics, I've finally been noticed by Fantagraphics....for getting smegfaced drunk at douglasnoble 's stag night and bullshitting at Gary Groth on Twitter unapparently.  

More noteably, it led to a rather interesting email conversation with Matt B. about a future Comics Village column.

I'm a bit flabbergasted really. I assumed the only folk reading this journal were Matt and a few of my Friends-list and their pets. No comments - not a link.

So heres the big news,
I started the new semester, and the International Relations module I've picked turned out to be closer to a New Media module. The former I'd been increasingly nervous about, now I'm quite relishing it, most of my modules are Communications, Media and Culture related now.

Showed up on the dot at 9am for Families, Communities and Learning, only to track the classroom down after forty minutes of tearing my hair out. For future Brookes students (and staff, ahem), BG29 is off the smaller quad behind the canteen. Opposite, theres a piece of shrubbery, which blocks the sign - its a small room which seats about 15 people, and not really sufficient for a class of 30. The tutors sorted it out for next week. And an amiable Swede took pity on my temple's splitting veins after arrival, and flirted with me quite a bit.

oh yeh, intervu with 1 of teh biggest distribootors of brittish published comixs in teh last 10yrs.