May 26th, 2009

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  • 00:28 1/3 of th way through john robbins coyote road. Handmade substantial right old read and an inventive joy. His wildest adventure yet. #
  • 00:54 Susan boyle? Who is that? Is she the average looking singer on that dom abusive pimp trail of carnage of freakshows? I'm doing fine thanks #
  • 01:00 Heres another one. Mahatma ghandi. Used to be a lawyer banker, ended up not being a fat arsegit. Inspiration from unlikely sources, real ... #
  • 01:00 hard to find. #
  • 16:33 Arisen from early morning video chat and beers session. Trying to move but only got so far as @littleterrors Ustream #
  • 18:50 Just checking the UK costs for council tax. You people are oppressed to fuck. I understand the riots, I dont understand a lot of the rest. #
  • 19:02 @crazydiscostu might not you want to update Twitter? Seeing as its not, yknow, incompentent and rusting junk down for hours? #
  • 19:09 @saoirsenic he is a master of wit and theatrical chop moves. #
  • 19:24 Do you like old skool zines? How about comics, arty w/out pretention? Classic cinema? Equals Doug Noble online with reader #
  • 23:46 RT @peteashton clear winner for the all one name here too #
  • 23:49 @davidbaillie @pauljoholden 2000A what? #
  • 23:53 Ashes to Ashes just downloaded very fast. Enjoying, this series, every bit as good as Life on Mars. Ducking out, twitter. #
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