August 12th, 2017

sp act hero movie

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Well, about ten last night I got the new chapter up on Patreon, and all the commentaries, art and videos, all the supplementary stuff for the next month. If i can get ahead on the next chapter I'll be getting back tothat other book.

Lots of other stuff in the background. Comics, damn comics: what have i wrought? An exhibition in about eight weeks assembling a dozen artists with funny strips; selling at a mart and convention; running a mini comic con in December, a Caption vibe but smaller; Peter Duncan and I have been talking about an MCR and I'm tempted by the 24 hr comics day in October, primarily as a way to catch up on my prose work, fast, the hackathon spirit.

Seriously, I'm glad I've caught up on Watch Thief. The last few weeks has been grueling. Time off is happening.