Andy Luke (andyluke) wrote,
Andy Luke

Its okay to eat chocolate before your meal Day

I didnt watch Dr. Who today. I lived it. Via Camfrog Dad (County Down) and I (Oxford) set up a webcam session, I had a good view of the living room and Mum dashing to and fro as she did. Greame, Gavin, Michelle and Katrina had to move first so we chatted immediately. I kept expecting to see Charlie and wanted to comment on how different it looked. It was quite heartbreaking in that respect.

A lot of to and fro-ing with adjusting connections. While they were doing that I added Greame's IM details so that on my extra computer we were able to chat while he was at work. Then I find myself relaying details on whether Mum should prepare an extra plate for Greame's workmate, and whether or not he could have access to the universal remote controller. Gavin returns to the family home at this point to remind me to repeat the details of Greame's question. He has to dash off so I have to tell Greame vis MSN that they have the plate count and no, he can't have the controller. Dad jokes that they ought to get a wireless connection built into the kitchen fridge.

Anyway, Greames a security guard. He should concentrate on the cams and tvs he already has.

Christmas dinner is set up at the Luke family household. Stuart, Mum, Dad and Laptop. I can see the three of them and the mics are configured so that theres not a lot of unnecessarry button pushing. I later learn that the laptop sending me has no placemat.

They're tucking into their dinner and I'm tucking into mine. Crackers are pulled. Me, a 'Futurama head-in-a-jar'. and later, "Andrew is passing the sauce. Do you wish to accept ?" Later, Stuart drapes a paper hat over the laptop.

Halfway through, as so often happens with family meals, the phone rings. Its my Aunt Carol, and after Mum and Dad chat with her, the phone is passed over to me. We wish the
festivities. Granny Anna is with her (County Antrim), I'm asked if I'd like to have a word. Dad explains theres a bit of a time delay, and we chat about my upcoming trip to holiday, and thank for the recent card she sent. At this point Stuart is moving the phone back and forth between the microphone and the speakers, and I crack up laughing. Anna sounds really confused. Dads videotaping the session, so I'll link to it if he makes it publicly available. Dad says he'll send Carol a copy through his phone. i'll do a comic book version of it. I tell them, it could become the multimedia version of chinese whispers.

Full bellies and good craic. I wonder if Marshal McLuhan ever foresaw this one.
Tags: camfrog, charades, chinese whispers, christmas, e-x, family, mas

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