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Firefly Season Two
sp act hero movie
No. Not really. Just hogging the internet with planted google able phrasing.. Before all this malarkey about Angel Season 6 came about, before Serenity, I'd formulated my response. Sorry Joss old buddy, you've gone too far. Let it be.

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The bastards cancelled Veronica Mars too. The fans organized a campaign to buy 'Mars' bars and send them to the studio (or 'Snickers Almond' if Mars not available). According to the rather in-depth wikipaedia entry, "The total donated from fans to buy the candy was $2942.56. "

I bet the studio was very impressed. Somehow, bizarrely, it didn't have the desired effect.

The floor is calling me to roll in it.

1995 mazda mx3 photos 945


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