Andy Luke (andyluke) wrote,
Andy Luke

Hitesh works at a hotel in Chandigarh and sent a few photos of were I'm going to be spending some of my time, writing and drawing my new book. Its tearfully beautiful. Some distress about cash but I think its going to work out.

Been finding a few smart links. Dan Lester or Oli Smith of the Camden Comics Stall sent me a link to ...oh wait Dan deserves a special mention. Hes planning on doing a 24 hour comic a month for the next wee while. The second one I'm told has a sequence involving Dave Sim and bible tracts. Its called "The new adventures of Bruce Lee and other stories" (linked)

Dan or Oli recommended me 'My fellow Americans', blog coverage of the 2008 U.S. election. "Two wide-eyed Brits lost on the American Campaign Trail" is written by Dan Hancox with visuals by Tom 'Vented Spleen' Humberstone, he of 'how to date a girl in 10 days', as popularly seen at Caption and other uk cons over previous years. Recommended reading in the spirit of HST 72.

Also benchilada recommends the rather awesome LibraryThing which may be of interest to some of you, though its been around from 2005 according to WikiP so....Seems its a social networking database facility, were you playlist your shelved books, wiki and review functions. There are yearly limits for non paid users...well give it a run round the block yourselves... (link to my wee page) Now I need a similar platform that'll allow me to list A5 mini-comics.

Looking forward to my visit to the fabled Magic Cafe tomorrow night and the opening of bluedevi's exhibition. Then on to looking into the viability of an OJF show.

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