Andy Luke (andyluke) wrote,
Andy Luke

India Trip Blog #1

Keeping it shortish.

<B>Day One</b>
Seated by Irish in the aeroplane arcade and multi-screen. Metal spoon through customs recalibrated respondency in mp3. FF4#2 becomes a two parter. Seducing view of deserts below. Jason Elvis comic is very rude !
Touchdown instant meet with Hitesh and Saureb. New Delhi is fast.
Engines make whistle marks. Buffet lunch equals whitey, ice cream sweetheart. Told tale of Indiagate. Window tappings, thrown in roses. I have no money (nearly true) Market KFC Hitesh’s university pal met – married next week. Drive before five to Chandigarh. More window tap, chaos roads. Sleep. Chi at Monster Chef’s. Sleep. Seizure – grand mal, goddamn.
I awaken in the finest room in the hotel – bit tongue, no bruises. He who knows how to reach me then, by my side. They and Mr. Roy quintuple check my needs. Sleep – and see you tomorrow.

<b> Day Two</b>


6am comics. Sunrise in Chandigarh. 10 am no Hitesh – dosa breakfast. More Levinson. Outside- all traffic block. Mr. Roy tours me hotel – immaculate lawn, mountain view. Walk to the wedding party grounds next door – green lemons from tree. Hitesh has turned back – traffic jam is divisive. All roads blocked all day (re-widening constructions)


Sleep and Levinson and steamed rice bread like pizza. Rooftop bar in the company of Latit and Nitin, Hitesh’s brother-cousin. My easy consumption of “Special 12” (scotch) whiskey threatens insult. I’m ears to tales of closet skeletons. Also, all day : waited on hand and foot : Common example – bowl at 10cm – must be spooned out. Much recapitulation. “King for a day” sings Bobby Conn. Dispersal at 12:30. Three hours drawing comic, then zees.

<b>Day Three</b>


Oversleep. At Nitin’s recommendation – potato Branthe with curd for brekky. Thanks Nitin in the lobby (still spoonfed though) No Hitesh- driver Gopi arrives at midday to take me to Chandigarh (I was in Pingore Reunited with Hitesh at home. Hitesh’s grandfather looks set to attacj – Hitesh explains he wants to hug me, happy to oblige. Gifts exchanged, chicken curry lunch – spponfed. Not a baby sister, a house helper. On the roof, looking out at school and garden. Most wonderful trees ! My hair is too long, okay we’ll get it cut.


Reunited with Varun – architect, he has an office and my god what an office – dressed like Season 5 Wesley. Press-ganged into caricature gifts: Hitesh in a wedding dress, then I must draw Varun as a monkey. Everywhere I go, I get automatic glass of water. And offerings of chi. Beggars hone in – I’m the only white guy in town. The Irish accent thickens with hope. Deepak Chopra score at bookshop, Dickens on Oli Smith’s insistence.  Introduced to Varun’s girlfiriend Chinki and Guneet  Off to reunite with Gaurav for group cinema trip. Hes in crutches from a basketball accident. His dad is very friendly – I hadn’t realized the Indians were obsessed with scotch. Cinema: National Treasure 2 – enjoyable okay. Film has actual intermission, and posh chocolates on sale. Goodbyes and talk of re-group. Family house is full – I’m staying in their Chandigarh hotel, four star. Hair is annoying me, the showr cap I’m wearing helps.

(Pictures and answers to follow)


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