Andy Luke (andyluke) wrote,
Andy Luke

India Blog 2

Day Four


Hitesh working. Reading day – finish Digital McLuhan, Wasted Epiphanies by Ruane ( wonderfully concise memorable poignancy), McLuhan on Superman and Orphan Annie (from Heer and Worcester’s Arguing Comics) Start The Invisibles: Counting to None. Draw naturist sequence for book. Blog, and buy smarties (called ‘beans’) Dentistry consultation, auto and manual rickshaw rides. Walk by magnificent sized lake at night with Hitesh, comparative discussion of historical imperialism in India and Ireland. He buys great chicken. More food in hotel room – too much food. Day trip planned.

Day Five


5am. Drums and singing and shouting motor expressway outside my window. Bastards, bastards, bastards. I get up at 6..

Draw, eat omlette. 9am – Hitesh has slept in. So has Varun, and Saureb. Finish drawing sequence. Very pleased with it.


Midday. Hitesh offers me salad:


A runner bean may look like a chilli

A chilli may look like a runner bean

A runner bean and a chilli are very different

Rearrange, and repeat 100 times


Momentary blindness, sweats, runny nose. On the road, packed six seater. Expletive adjectives, words like breath-taking, describe mountain scenery. Monkeys !

Snap ! Snap camera crashes. Breathe, through futile maintenance, Ten photos backed up

Breathe. Breathe Haryana, Panchkula. Breathe condor sights and vastness, golden sun, snowcaps. Neem, Oak, Pepal, Jamon, Dhak, Amaltas, Jacarada.  Ove the cobbled shanty shelters and temple monuments. 4000 feet above sea level. Pine, green and violet.


Up there (4000), Morni resort. Long wait for meal amongst beautiful surroundings. Push Varun over the edge ? Ok, but don’t take any chances. Pictures taken around garden. Ciggies and cold coffee. China is just the other side of those mountains – 100 k ?


Forbidden foods. I shall try just a little bit. Five Inidans complain it is too spicy. Pussies. Drive home, more monkeys ! More monkeys !

6pm at hotel – Hitesh has an hours work to do. I get quick nap.


(Mmmm, I’m so I glad I got to bed at this time….it must nearly be morni…)


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