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India Blog- Thursday and Others

Still ill. Almost over it. Re-camp to Oven Fresh to draw my I-can't-draw comic. Get chatting to a nice couple. The girl says i have lovely eyes - pretends to forget her keys so she can come back and give me her number.

Late Afternoon - Rikshaw driver overcharges me. I get another filling and a clean up - Best fun at the dentsts.

Evening - Varun, Chinkee, Hitesh and I go to Sector 26 to see the monkeys outside the shops. Then onto posh restaurant were I pick apart the nonsensical custom of only ordering soup or beer, but never both. Main meal a little too hot, leading to every waiter in the place descending on our table - my dining crew assume medical reief status. This curry must be pullied and airlifted to the kitchen at once ! I get quite aggressive and demand they all calm down and leave things as they are.
Hitesh hurries us through dessert - a business meet coincide with starter. The I catch him situating his bum a certain angle. He's only broken the crude barrier on our friendship - family farter ! I swing my arm round to smack him in the chest. Catches dessert spoon, and dessert. Hitesh is very upset, I feel no remorse. Varun is in the cache of giggle rock !
"He deserved that", says Chinki.
At the hotel room, I call the pretty girl, who gave me her number and arrange to meet for company. 

She stood me up y'know. I'm writing this, all stood up. There is a law that says good things don't happen to me when I compromise with oh silly notions, like no dating until 39. I've been sick to the stomach for most of the week - Varun and Hitesh as well, running fevers. Not drawn much comix, read and slept a lot...


Yay, so Dr. Rohini showed up, friendly icebreaking Aneesh in tow. Pleasing chat and laughs and emails exchanged. I can feel it negating my stomach, pain into the universe were lonely things go to grow. Perhaps it will be rehabilitated - come back a precious flower or gift.

Holiday bein an intersting drug, with peaks and downs. I've been re-born with haircuts and head massages,  in chilli fire. I think I would like somewhere much quieter than the city, and somewhere cheap, and loving, were I can afford to give me the things I like in life. I'm also a bit of a bastard, and an emotional junkyard, and I have to work on those things.


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