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(no subject)
Cleaning with Jack Kirby
EDIT : Oops I was writing about my photos from my recent trip to India.

I appear to have about 400 of these. Rather than flood the internet with more shit I intend to devote proper time over the next month to sifting through and uploading the ones most fit for public consumption. I expect the final total to be around 100. For ease of labour I'll only be putting them up on my Flickr site.

I see I've been busy when I've been away. Well, I'm back now. And trading in my McJob was a sensible move. My allocated basic hours from the well-paid job that I love, have come through. Theres more than enough in my monthly wage packet to keep a roof over my head and pay the electric.

I've also a wee bit of holiday pay, which is something I've never had before. And its nice.It can be used for it seems..taking holidays.

Went for re-fresher training today. Photos for the office of people walking around with blindfolds.

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Gotta sift! I'm sure I had about 500 or so from my Peru trip, but tis better to pull out the gems.

i feel sicky stressy this week. so I'm gonna do it in several steps. My environment is so full of clutter that the concept of digital compression just doesnt make any sense. Even with my strict Transformers upbringing.

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