Andy Luke (andyluke) wrote,
Andy Luke

EDIT : Oops I was writing about my photos from my recent trip to India.

I appear to have about 400 of these. Rather than flood the internet with more shit I intend to devote proper time over the next month to sifting through and uploading the ones most fit for public consumption. I expect the final total to be around 100. For ease of labour I'll only be putting them up on my Flickr site.

I see I've been busy when I've been away. Well, I'm back now. And trading in my McJob was a sensible move. My allocated basic hours from the well-paid job that I love, have come through. Theres more than enough in my monthly wage packet to keep a roof over my head and pay the electric.

I've also a wee bit of holiday pay, which is something I've never had before. And its nice.It can be used for it seems..taking holidays.

Went for re-fresher training today. Photos for the office of people walking around with blindfolds.
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