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There. Photos of The Chandigarh Rock Gardens are up on Flickr. That particular set may triple in size in a fortnights time. Sure, ya might wanna help me put together the 'Best Of' series.

Thanks to Jay and my old editor pal Craig from Silver Bullets Comics days I should have a regular column at Comics Village, premiering this Sunday evening. More labour-intensive version of the column very nearly through door at It'll initially be of comics economics. Phil Hall has interesting thoughts on the matter, and on others matters, and I highly recommend his recent columns.

And hey, if the idea of reading about comicbooks annoys you (Phil's column is called 'Eat Shit and Die', for example), why not open the page in Opera and put it on speak mode as you doze off to sleep, or rest.
(EDIT : Some sections of his recent column will undoubtedly offend a few people. My dearest apologies. I'd had a comix-people boil-my-blood time, and Phil's attitude on this 'effect' rang true)

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