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Camden Video : Cross -Posted to Bugpowder
proxima 3 (right)
Faced with harsh accusations that they're stealing customers away from The Thing, the London Underground Comics Collective carries on with a hard day of business as usual. Then Oli Smith makes this, the most essential comix-related product for comix retailers ever seen.

This is what comix, good comix, where-ever they are, be associated with.
(YouTube Video-Audio required)

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def needs a few more women up there :P

thanks for sharing the video, nice to see moving pictures of the stall and good to see its going strong. Would be great to have something like this in dublin but there aren't any real options for were to have it and the comic shops in dublin only really care about mainstream american comics [your stall wouldn't work here anyway due to the smoking ban :P]

Was there harsh accusations somewhere other then the post on the thing message board? Cus if its just that thread your taking about I think claiming harsh accusations is alittle, well. harsh. The orginal post linked via bugpowder wasn't worded great and came off as an attack to some people - mainly the people who didn't know about the stall and thought it was being set up just for one day [ie the same day as the thing in march] It was more confusion by newer people to small press then anything else rather then an attack against the stall. I think there's also some back story between some of guys and pat that know of us know about [or want to know] that has coloured some it.

Definitely needs more female cartoonists on the stall. Many female cartoonists are more than capable of holding their own when it comes to producing work of great talent thats a welcome breath of fresh clever.

The Camden Stalls are of course smoke-free inside. That caught me unawares - some very editing on Oli's part.

Better, at The Thing, you keep your wits about you, have a great time (one of The Thing's strengths), and you Dance. I'll have my presence at The Thing dealers hall as per prior arrangement. If theres energy left at the end of the day, we can all dance at the pub too.

Edited at 2008-01-27 04:12 pm (UTC)

Are there no outdoor community markets in Dublin ?

Unrelated, but do go on.

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