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a writer who draws

hello viewer

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proxima 3 (right)

'Sheridan' also known as 'Sheridan Cottage' begins running at Comics Village this week, and almost every Sunday. I'll be writing about comix festivals, and the economics of comics, for the next while.

The first is a belated whiz through BICS 2007, saying a few things that in the words of Bill Hicks, "Need to be said, BY The Way", and crashing together to make a cartoonist apocalypse in one of my favourite oddball Gonzo pieces I've so far.


I'm writing a column called 'Heres the Thing'. If you'd like to be part of it, I'm as easy to contact as I have ever been. The next fewhours though, I gotta take a gal to dinner.

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hey man, congrats on the column. enjoyed it but skipped the numbers some - can't afford anymore brain jumbling at the min. having a bad time with a crazy across the hall. he owns a crossbow and has smeared the walls on the landing with dogshit. he's being evicted but with all the courtroom beaurocracy mumbojumbo it will take two months (at the most). meanwhile i live in fear. not conducive to productivity of any sort.

boohoo me!

You - take some credit for turning me onto they who influenced that column.

As to your idiot arsehole neighbour, I've had a few. Best keep well out of the way, which you know. With idiot neighbours employing a diary of their psychotic episodes is a useful tool, at least in clearing up your own neurological clutter which is affected as a result of this. With fringe benefits.

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