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a writer who draws

hello viewer

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sp act hero movie

Originally uploaded by Andy Luke.
As promised, heres the concept map I handed in for one of my modules last term. Sown together from three jpegs by jelliottcoleman , who also has some great sketches on his website.

(also features Sir Reg by benchilada hanging out with Jiddu Krishnamurti)

I'm all show today. 13 new lo-def pictures of Chandigarh Rock Garden starting with an army of tiny midgets which appear to be marching on for or towards bodies of hunchbacks or suppressed women with a 360 degree heads..or no, its masks of some sort.

Can I have some hilarious and clever flash animations please, perhaps with a japanese influence and jolly audio ? Or does anyone know of the LJ thread were cartoonists have sketched pictures of Owen from Torchwood being eaten by elephants ?

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I prefer to call this one 'On The Neural Pathways Of Andy Luke's Brain'.

And the fear of traditional academic formatting as constraint is shown in sections of the map, coded white.

Titling it that on my profile page !

That's fascinating. I think your module must have been quite similar to my favourite class ever at university.

Ahh...it was a bit of a struggle. Still, it all worked out okay, and now I can sweeten the memories.

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