Andy Luke (andyluke) wrote,
Andy Luke

Hello my pretties.

Its been a good week. A bit disorientating initially because of fire-sadness and low epilim in the bloodstream, getting stood up, again for which sickgirl apologised before i'd got off the bus. Orientating into place, theres been a bit of lucid dreaming going on. I've been wondering.....if there be evidence to suggest cheese contains DMT ? Is there anything you cannot put in an omlette ?

A Brookes media tutor is planning to write about my sociology comix in a paper on various mediums being used to present for coursework assessments. May include interview. Nice.

My final twelve uploaded photos this year of Chandigarh Rock Garden are complete and available for your viewing on  <a href="">andyluke flickr page.</a>


Apologies for the colour but if Wesley Wyndham-Pryce is guarding a comic you know its going to be good. Giant Size Avengers#1, reeks of a history book mention really. Sure to be quoted. Some great new-to-Marvel-publication innovative creators with likewise innovative tales, mixed with some classic old readable strips from the bygones. Daniel Merlin's piece were a bit of a let down, but only because hes spoiled me so far. iWe are talking about possibly the most interesting western comics creator of the so-far 21st century. Still, it were clear he were having fun on his strip, and wrote one of the funniest lines in the book.  The Merlin-typical "Emperor None and the Sky Full of Moons" delivers a fantastic interpretation by artist Brian Denham.

Campbell and Mednis' 'Pangyrich' is painted by Luca Matisan soothing colours to gorgeous effect, an enjoyable romp. The real star new material though is Douggie Douglas Noble and Nelson, whose strip "Good Housekeeping" is about Jarvis dusting. Fabulous character piece, lots of action, hilarity poignancy cleverness, culture and do you need more ?

Its great to see these innovative creators getting properly paid for doing brilliant comics.

Daniel Merlin-Goodbrey
Douglas Noble

Off to Camden Market tomorrow. If you can't make it you may be interested to know that The Oli Smith Channel is currently showing an interview with Joe Gordon at the Forbidden Planet weblog. Oli promises me its going to be a good one.

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