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So you want to quit comics ? Too late, I felt you smile

Oli Smith...on the interwebs....

Voice post from around 10:35 am yesterday, featuring myself, Oli Smith and David Baillie.

183K 0:55
(no transcription available)

Baillie left about 1pm, and shortly after the accommodating Jon Scrivens showed up. I'd also approached Peter Lally about putting our stalls next to one another, this seemed to raise morale some and make sure both were properly manned.

Seemed a very slow day yesterday, I made back my table costs again and my Marble Arch to Chalk Farm tube costs.

Olis representing the stall everywhere again it seems.

An interview with Joe Gordon on the Forbidden Planet blog is the most informative and entertaining of these.

Rich Bruton gives it a quick write-up and links central on his blog, 'fictions'

And another wee comparison to Fast Fiction on Eddie Campbell's blog

Every so often, I like to quit comics, and then it becomes a sabbatical, and then I produce comics often better than previously. Camden is a great instigator in prompting a get together of new works, it seems I have a publishing timetable this year.

23rd February - Premiere of the pdf version of 'Gran'
My 24 hour comic on the life and times of the late Eileen Lucas, thoughts on life and the afterlife, religion, time travel, pudding and the summer. As acclaimed by Jeremy Dennis, Jenni Scott, Lee Kennedy, Oli Smith, John Robbins and others. Available for 50p a go. 24 pages, Now accepting pre-orders.

1st March - Premiere of 'Optimus and Me'
The importance of childhood friends is step in development, whether they be real, imagined or copyrighted by Hasbro. New A6 comic (16 pages)
Premiering at Camden London Underground Comics, with Andrew Luke and a rumoured guest appearance by the legendary Michael J. Weller, one of the grandfathers of the UK small press.
Also, premiering the 2nd edition of 'Gran', the same as the other, but with new added alignment.

8th March - Premiere of Andrew Luke's Comic Book 7
A collection of short new and old one off strips never collected in print before (12-20pages)
Premiering at Camden London Underground Comics.

22nd March - Premiere of Sheridan at The UK Web and Mini Comix Thing 2008 and London Underground Comics
A collection of my more important essays on the UK comics scene culled from here, Comics Village and some new unpublished writings on form and content. Also eatures an introduction in the shape of a reprint by John Robbins in his challenging essay, 'Closing Shots from A Grassy Knoll'.
A5, est. 40pages

During this time, I'll be writing at Comics Village with interviews on exhibiting, running comics festivals, and hectic publishing schedules, 2-3 times a month.

5th April - Premiere of 'Mini Bots' at London Underground Comics
An 8 page mini-comic of previously published print-work in a pocket size A6 booklet

10th May - Premiere of The Party (A B-Side Comic for teenagers who like drinking, smoking and swearing), at the Brighton Comics Expo 2008
28 pages of largely unseen work from 1999, refurbished in 2008, in an A5 shape.

During this time I'm also going to make an attempt at co-ordinating a one day academic symposium on comic books at Oxford Brookes. If you'd like to help, please get in touch.

1st August - Premiere of 'Don't Get Lost' at The Oxford Jam Factory
My first graphic novel coming in at around 60 pages is perhaps the most important comic I've ever had to draw. A deeply personal tale, which will grip you with fear, familiarity and an unsettling comfort.

'Don't Get Lost' will feature in an exhibition at The Oxford Jam Factory by a collective of cartoonists through August . Other cartoonists exhibiting will be Dierdre Ruane, Jeremy Dennis, Terry Wiley, Matt Brooker / D'Israeli and David Baillie. Hopefully other names may be added to the roster.

Caption is rumoured but unconfirmed, to be taking place the following weekend, 9-10th August at the East Oxford Community Centre. (The theme this year is 'Time Warp', as suggested by Oliver Lambden)

1st November (approx) - Premiere of 'People Send Postcards'
An ambitious anthology project taking the principles of comics and democracy, edited and devised by Andrew Luke. An anthology project with cartoonists commenting on vital national and international concerns. Each strip will be accompanied with an activist postcard which will enable the reader to campaign for change.

I'm currently accepting submissions for this collection. More information can be found at this link.

And then barring a second volume of 'Postcards', I was going to quit comics.Except I announced this at Camden and asking if anyone wanted to work with me before I went. So, around November or December depending on the schedules of Oliver Lamden and Laurence Powell, I'll be penning an issue of 'Tales From The Flat'.

And lovely media tutor is currently talking me into handing in my Independent Study as a graphic novel so expect that to become available around May 2009.

Would you believe theres also a confirmed additional festival and anthology, and another 'possible' of each of those within that time frame ?


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