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Dear Chris Chibnall, I have not watched Torchwood since five minutes into episode 2 of this series. I have no doubts it is better than last series. Even though Chibnall, you'll rip off Moffat's ideas dressed in a striped t-shirt and black bag with 'Swag' or 'Loot' painted over it. Heres a wee thought experiment just for the Torchwood fans. Try re-watching an episode from the perspective of someone affected by sexual abuse. Your mind is that powerful. You really can do it. Ten minutes in, do you really want to ?

Todays dearly democracy entry brought to you by the interwebs.
dearly democracy My stamps are gone :()
If you have stamps perhaps you'd like to aid the assistant editor of that newspaper which published cartoons that said the prophet Muhammed smells of socks or whatever. Amnesty International is having a go where the CCG and CBDLF failed. Are you stampy enough ?

Note-taking in university be irregular. There is such a low proportion of students do it. I suppose they are used to the video age and an over fixation of baked potato stomach. I'm old enough to remember radio when we could move both our hands AND eyes. Whats even more ODD, is I NEVER spot anyone else taking notes in seminar-led presentations. Some of these have much more information in them than in the tutor-led lectures. Why do students do the duh ?

Would you like some comics interwebs ? I have some new comics?

Finally, I'll sign up for their lovely missions but Dear George Monbiot and Alex Jones and the rest of you world-changing activists who have a fixation for the phrase 'wake up' or 'its time you woke up', NO, NO, no it bloody isnt. Somewhere in the world people are trying to get some sleep. And ooh more revolutionary concepts, people who need sleep have earned sleep.

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