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a writer who draws

hello viewer

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New comics for sale
sp act hero movie

Gran is now available in pdf form again by specifying 0.50 through Paypal.
Give it a few hours and I'll get you a link for downloading. If you'd like a print copy, add in an extra 50p, and another 50p if you're outside the UK.

The first twenty-two copies of 'Optimus and Me' sold at Camden Lock Market this Saturday each come with a piece of original art. Pre-orders for those who can't make it to the stall are acceptable, and I'll keep you a wee  A7 panel.
Its 50p,  plus 50p postage and packing if you'd like a print copy (an extra 50p outside of the UK) Going through Paypal.
then email me your postal address and I'll get one out !

(Special offer to the Yanks on pdf sales - 0.50c if you can give me a plug on your blog, livejournal etc. superhero stick figures you will receive a free copy.)