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'A magnificent and sensitive meditation on mortality and bereavement. Won't win an Eagle award, but should if there was any justice. - Matt Badham'

Thanks chief !

Got the dummy copy of my new comic to look at (full run done) Its twelve one page strips with a play, work, rest and work theme. A5 printed on green paper including

*Hendrix Vs Meatloaf
*I've worked
*Message from Justyne
*Tom Tidler's Ground
*Rosemary and the Twilight
*I'm (not) an artist / Special Brew
*Don McLean
*Staff Room
*Smoke Break
*More Tea Robot
*More fun times at work

Some of these already appear online

Picked up a magazine with an REM's favourite songs cd at the coach newsagents before London. Paul Gravett curated Manhua ! China Comics Now exhibition were thoroughly enjoyable _ I had come in with pre-expectations of finding something closer to manga than British small press (sorry Yat, British comics I meant), or American comics. I took a few snaps but the flash kept going off and the camera were so new I had no idea how to alter it. I will be back though, and the Sanyo will behave.

A few lovely surprises. Chrissie Harper was there and she despatched Paul on a gp;dstar mission so that we could reap his harvest of free beers. Met some lovely new people, Alex Fitch were there too which were a nice surprise. (I've got an interview on the Resonance Fm comics show btw - several thousand listeners ? Ok, clap) Got immense joy out of meeting Pat Mills downstairs, gave him a copy of my 24 hr comic and got to shake his hand and tell him how much his 1989 'Third World War' meant to me. Then off to the Fitroy Tavern, met Phil and a bloke from Tachyon TV podcasts. Poor Alex though, he made the mistake of getting me started on my two most bloodboiling Who topic--->rants: yep, '42' and 'Torchwood Counselling Services'. I think I saw him cry at one point. Also met a beggar who told jokes for cash, and had possibly the finest pizza I'll eat this month.

Anyway to celebrate stuff, heres my Torschwoud comic. You don't have to be up on watching Torchwood to understand this, and for some of you its probably just as well that you're boycotting it !

My favourite panel is the 7th.

More Whovian related goodness. Ben has the tardis on his fingernail.

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