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a writer who draws

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sp act hero movie
I Ucking Did It !

That wee trivial comic book I started back in December 1999 is finally at the printers.
Final three pages drawn from 3am - an agony to finish. Its an awesomely kewl looking piece of work, judging by the proofs !

Note to anyone in the UK printing work in the next two weeks: Students. Dissertations. Consider this a helpful warning.

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That envelope I have for you is much too small. Shall dig out another, and post early April.

How many monies shall I send to you?


Well I am kind of curious to see what a nickel looks like but I expect the web has a photo. But you have special credit. Ohyes. Time beats Money, hands down ! Are there any special English gifts I could package with them ?

Something you think is a lovely British thing.

It must be cheap and preferably unobtainable in the U.S.

I've your address somewhere and really need to send you some stuff...

(Deleted comment)
Me? Taking over the world, of course.

Also, Andy drew the Sir Reginald in this icon. In the snow. With an umbrella. I mean bumbershoot. Or brolly.

Soon, my darlings...soon I'll have my name...or more importantly, the words I write...all over the planet. :D

Edited at 2008-03-18 08:29 pm (UTC)

Iss true ! That image appeared on the London Road near to Barton about a year ago - I've moved house since then, but my snow canvas will return. Ohyes.

Ginger Comics HERE eh - How did you escape my regular radar sweeps ? Will you be in London on Saturday ?

Woohoohoo! Well done! As someone who has tried (still trying) to write a full comic book I take my hat off to you. It takes a *lot* of time and commitment (though I do write at a rate of a page a month so...)

I think your problem is that you're both an art student, and approaching comics from a professional mindset. You need to be rubbish at drawing to get a lot more done.

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