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a writer who draws

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sp act hero movie
I Ucking Did It !

That wee trivial comic book I started back in December 1999 is finally at the printers.
Final three pages drawn from 3am - an agony to finish. Its an awesomely kewl looking piece of work, judging by the proofs !

Note to anyone in the UK printing work in the next two weeks: Students. Dissertations. Consider this a helpful warning.

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Woohoohoo! Well done! As someone who has tried (still trying) to write a full comic book I take my hat off to you. It takes a *lot* of time and commitment (though I do write at a rate of a page a month so...)

I think your problem is that you're both an art student, and approaching comics from a professional mindset. You need to be rubbish at drawing to get a lot more done.

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