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sp act hero movie
Sheridan Cottage (My writings on comics 1999-2008) is at the printers for a low print run in time for the weekend. After that theres one more date on my weekly comics tour to complete. I'm willing to consider an extra two weeks if I had the cash for the print run. I think Oli is a bit annoyed as theres no more room left on the table for his comics.

Sheridan Cottage contains all my archived columns, revised and sometimes edited. You can read the latest, 'Maps At The Crossroads Part 2' here including a link to the famous Flickr March 22nd Comics map. (The column has even been linked to by the_rich_johnston geewillikers !)

Settling into my time off stuff. Denied access to Bellevue Zoo on Monday so Brother Gavin, sister-in-law Michelle and niece Katrina and I wailed and wheeled our way through Toys R Us. Also Abbeycentre, a shopping plaze which transforms into a different shopping plaze once a year. I found some The Onion collections in their bargain books. Later, we went onto Yorkgate were they have a Super-Woolworths store. HuGe ! They had a subsection of three aisles of reduced to clear stuff. Transformers markers and case for 20p ! Bonded with Katrina, gave her camera control lessons, and pulled lots of stupid faces.

I'm really missing Charlie (passed on dog as in userpic)
He should be here, making his sounds and noise between these walls.

Another night with the parents then onto Davids tomorrow. A net newbie, his virginity has been violated by long-term capture in Second Life. I must go and rescue him. He does not like me drinking out of shoes. (unrelated, just thought i'd yknow, tag him :

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The first British national sf convention was held in 1948, so this would be its 61st year.

As the 40th Eastercon will be held in 2010, the first will have been held in 1961.

Neither figure is 59.

If only the Village comments feature was as smooth as LJs !

I got '59th year' from their publicity guy over the phone, though he hesitated en route. Of course I could have checked my facts, but thats ...y'know...eww. Like a job ?

Quite wowish.


Any chance you can send me a copy of those collected writings?

Matthew B

Only too happy to. I should manage a mail-out early April. Any suspected dates for The Matthew Bee Housecon emerging ?

No dates as yet, but I'll keep you posted. Plan to head down to London when my finances improve and drop in on DB. I'll give you a shout when I do so and maybe we'll pop over to Oxford.

Have a good time this weekend with all its attached and assorted small press madnesses.

Matthew B

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