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a writer who draws

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thing board, tescos, dave sim, mob rule, studies
sp act hero movie
Jimmy just got off the phone to say my innocuous study into measuring the gap uk comics exhibitors need to exceed breaking even at The Thing and other exhibitions has degraded into a keyboard bullying frenzy. The last (and first time) this happened to my name, at The Thing message boards, the thread was deleted by Pat Findlay.

(Of course I've saved this thread for posterity. I thought it was an example of defamatory business practice. Never underestimate the powers of the gossip columnist or investigative exposer on speed dial.)

Jimmy phoned to cheer me up, assuming I'd read the responses. I've spent the day reading up on Tesco's tax havens, connections with child labour, and shooting of rare sparrows. I've no intention of trying to conduct an academic data study at The Thing boards if theres mobbing going on. I don't need your image, had mine for a while now. And I don't need a case for depression.

I remember when Gary Groth lit the torches to chase Dave Sim over the hills. I don't remember reading Gary or Seth or Gail Simone or any of those folk asking four simple words that would easily refute Dave's claims. "Wheres your bibliography, Dave ?" The same could now be asked of those people.

ha ! Media analysis and understanding, neuroscience, sociology, as interpreted through the templates of Buffy and The Matrix. Thats what I'm studying in a week or two. Y'know for the 'fun' associated with comics, it hurts to find fuckers around. I've had discussions with cartoonists who have suffered issues of depression and self-harm. Intolerable negative feelings brought on by folks who they and I had thought of as friends. Some of these people read my work, and dislike it and enjoy it. To those people, fuck your mistakes. This should not happen again.

Its always good to chat to Jimmy.

Here mate, this cheered me up.

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And look out for The Onion on YouTube. I'm off to the pub for networking. (aka friendship, yes)

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Sending good thoughts your way, mate.

And looking forward to reading the collected Sheridan.

Matt Badham

Thanks mate. I'm trying not to be too amusd by it all

hey friend, now you've cheered up some here's chillout aftercare for you - http://danny-pongo.livejournal.com - latest video posted - especially chilled after the 3.30 mark...

Yeah. I've not done nearly enough Livejournal this week.


I've cced you into an email that I sent to Oli that you might want to have a look at soon.

Matt Badham

Leave forums to the louts, Andy, you're too fine a gentleman for this nonsense.

Thanks for the cheer up. My faith in love is still devout ! I think I shall set a date to have a look at these forums, I'm not in any rush though I'll have to prepare some lolcats for them.

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