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a writer who draws

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(no subject)
sp act hero movie
Gosh, the new REM album looks good - Life's Rich Pageant with a Monster feel ?

Or if REMs not your listen, I've been playing Oli The Metasciences Four Colour Love Story lately. Isn't that a gorgeous track ?

I'll not be attending Camden LUC this weekend. Got a good CV of Saturday partys.
I've met my own challenge of 7 small press publications in seven weeks, each ready by the Thursday or Friday. This will be the first week I'll not be able to sell them on the Saturday. Still...

Mini Bots joins its six siblings.

ps pdf versions of all of these available for 50p - except 'Mini Bots', thats free

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I think you already have.

Drew dot luke at gmail dot com fits quite nicely into that send money to field in a Paypal account. It can be highlighted, copied and pasted.

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