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a writer who draws

hello viewer

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projectphoenix (music)
sp act hero movie
My brother Stuart, who used to be a cartoonist, a dishwasher, and a rock star, is now to do with something called triphop. Anyway he gave me some mp3s to take back with me and quite frankly I weren't prepared for what they did to my wallpaper.

a link to the video for 31 STONE
on youtube, made up from various time scale pieces on The Discovery Channel

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playing project phoenix and the virgle pitch at the same time reminds me of Belle and Sebatian's Space Boy Dreams.

I am feeling somewhat better, thank your text asking, but elbow is still resembling satsuma, so to doctore tomorrow about that. I expect I am turning into a Pak Protector, but s/he won't understand if I explain that. Better keep quiet.

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