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a writer who draws

hello viewer

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no really just a childish rant about torchwood i need to get it out of my system, ignore ignore
sp act hero movie
I mean, come on. Its the worst. I've watched six episodes and I want those hours back,
Its the sort of show that only produces a negative reaction in me. Makes me wish I were a man with nothing better to do with my time. Gives me thoughts of, 'I must pretend I'm a psycho-churcher and write campaign letters calling for its banning'.
I'll take the Spurlock challenge. Torchwood Me. Make it worth my money and I will watch every episode and the gun and the whiskey will be kept for later. I'll have cat-scans done on me, interviews with my psychiatrists, I'll go work in the porn industry, i'll climb the scaffolding outside the bbc building dressed in a burger king uniform wth a banner that reads 'pain in context reaffirms', we can all go down the survivors hostel and simulate throwing bricks through the window. Before we spam the interwebs with 'Joss Whedon is a cocksucker'. Hear me curse ! Videotape my moments of self-harm after induced viewings.
No seriously, move along nothing to see here.
I'm gonna have to be pretty desperate to take that job.

really, this is not the gentleman andrew you know. move along.

I quite liked the Dr Who 4.1

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*shoulders with Andrew on the Torchwood hate*

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