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Alex Fitch interviews and I talk about eleven years in s/p comics - reviewing, photocopying, disposability, community, postcards and fictions interaction. (runtime:27m)

Its hard for me to objectively review this. Its probably not among my more amusing moments, but it passes the information test.


I'll be attending the London aspect of the Global Day of Action for Darfur. outside the Sudanese Embassy tomorrow (Sunday)
This is something fair close to me but not too close to share wide. The congregation may be at 12:30pm , the nearest tube station is Green Park (Picadilly Line, Victoria Line, Jubilee Line : Travelcard Zone 1)
The address of the embassy is 3 Clevelands Row, St. James, SW1A 1DD


Happy Birthdays [info]badasstronaut ,[info]sparkymark,[info]danny_pongo and [info]magickelf


Not the sort of article I wanted to read at 2am contained the lines,

"The government is now under pressure to reopen the investigation. But ministers are also being urged to drop a proposal in the draft constitutional renewal bill that could allow the attorney general to halt a prosecution like the BAE one without having to worry about the decision being challenged in the courts."
(The Guardian)

(Theres also a second investigation ramping up re: Tanzania)


Sheridan Cottage is on queue for tomorrow - featuring a look at The Gladstone Mini-Comics Con, the British Webcomics Piss-Up, and a conceptual pubcon network. I'm also trying to get something on the London Zine Symposium, but they're not answering my emails. Someone got a poker for that ?

Its been too long I've left uploading photos from my Jan 6th-21st holiday in India. I've opted for uploading a set of patterns. More photos on Friday ? Theres also the first of a few Artificial Intelligence and Human Ability macro..


Got twenty minutes of your life to waste ? Then you need Grimlocks New Brain. An absolute Transformers dumbass monomyth cheesecake classic from the 80s. So good I almost embedded it. Over 35s must be cautioned. (Runtime: 20m)


On Monday I have a presentation to give on blogging to a class of Arts and Media Journalism students. To that end I'm going to be showing them my logged-out friends page on livejournal and on Twitter. gynocide, have a very healing sleep,  benchilada be gentle with them, peteashton lunch-hour AND slack. Macro waves are welcome. Anything personal friends-locked or text cut as you do: unless you want it on a 10x15ft screen to 50 peeper sets.


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