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a writer who draws

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we bombed, we sucked : presenting
sp act hero movie
Shot full of nerveousness Nate and I presenting on Artifiial Intelligence this morning. The room clapped but I didn't feel it. Plenty of relevant gimmicks (you've got to have a gimmick nowadays), but it weren't how i'd like it.

I even forgot the gag I'd prepared for Nathan
"Nathan's moms a computer, His moms a computer, Her mom's a computer"
Nathan; Your mom's a computer..

Of course when Alan Turing prepared his theories the computer was not in practice, and Searle maintains he referred to the action of human computing. Therefore yes, my mom is a computer.

Yeah, we didnt use that. I think we bombed, we sucked, stammering, confusing and reading off the sheet rather than looking like interacting with the students. I wish I'd just made out a wee piece of paper with the structure on it and read from memory. I didnt do the reading from the powerpoint nonsense, and I did manage to throw in a good demonstrative anecdote.

here are the Turing and Searle macros I made.

ps minimal contact in next 3 weeks, sooner rather than later. us academy types  with ur  academy pursuits.