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I think I’m being elected to the committee of the Brookes People and Planet group tonight. They’ve had me climbing on tables a lot this term, making posters and some other reason that eludes.

The moneys all out so I’m going to have to get a job to cover rent for August and September. HINT ! If anything passes your way I’ve got good office training. Application is in for one at Brookes in the meantime.

Going back to typing up my essay on Feminism of Martha in Dr Who Series 3. Microsoft Word doesn’t like that sentence. I’m really happy with the essay, but probably 500 words over. If anyone would like an advance copy to whet their appetite for the weekend, get in touch. Suggestions for improvement are not obligatory but HINT ! After that, I've one other quicko, and about 9 days to work on my globalisation and democracy submission.

Looking forward to Tim’s party this weekend.
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