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a writer who draws

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Positive absence from a too-thinky brain
Glitzy Uni-Jazz
Good essay wrap-up. Slow start on the new about the impact of globalisation on the nation.

Good times were had on Saturday at timscience 's birthday funs of course. Superpowered notables included fantastically large olives and other foods too amazing, sea monster pop up book, wine with purple dots, Jo (and other's) crazy dancing. The drum beating during Docceroo was a hilariously worrisome. "The Doctor: He's like fire". To which Jeremy made a remark which made me chuckle and treasure. Docceroo is always much better with pals. Walks home with mr. jackfirecat we didn't get lost.

Chopped off loads of my hair yesterday in a hazardous act of abandon. Unshapely, but very liberated.

Recent listening includes Tori Amons 'Northern Lad', followed by (and currently) Space Heroes of the People's myspace playlist. Likes.

The new Sheridan Cottage column, 'Notes on Content' is up. Its OT response to Robbins 'Closing Shots' so may be a bit too flammatory challenging for some. Skillfully theres plenty of good functional material in the archives.

Last for a while, I'm going back to pulling the legs off a spider-plan.

ps if anyone would like to run a panel, workshop, activity at the Bristol Comics Expo on the Sunday please get in contact at drew dot luke at gmial dotcom.