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Around Hour 20 of his essay writing all-nighter, recommended link...

This terms grindingly slow in winding up - being May 8th until an exam surely removes me closer from my misery. Distraction is validating in checking out next year's modules and as predictably I'm drawn to Professor Tom Tyler's Culture and The Media Module.

Tom gracefully dances ahead in my theoretical favourite tutor list. The lessons are well planned out, the subject matter is engaging, and the virtual classroom facility set-up is complimentary exemplary.

His main focus is on epistomology, animals and technology. Theres a distinctive environmental humanist aspect to his studies. Philosophy and fables, Marshall McLuhan and videogames. Theres some brilliant core knowledge been revealed to me in Tom's classes. Entertainment's epistomolgy in engaging in life a little less intensely.

If you're at all grabbed by media and ecology and acoustic or electronic space, or animals or arts or knowingness, go and check out some. You can view the great examples of how he utilises the web for teaching at the bottom of his Brookes profile page.

Or, the more aesthetically pleasing formatted Cyberchimp research page which doesn't include the lecture and module detailings.

If I had an LJ user icon that was a gold star, or fifty, I'd use it for this post.
Tags: education, mcluhan, oxfordbrookes, tom tyler

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