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a writer who draws

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Thank God for National James Kochalka Day
Amnesty International
This week in my life has been fuelled with some serious depression, largely brought on by my inability to cope with an International Relations essay. Its been like a bloodied hook on my back all week and if premature baldness shows up it'll be right there. Its been permeated by a few bright moments including Bells Whiskey and surprise! communications with a fantastic loveable one I've not seen in way  frickin too long.

The essay is done now, like Pollack with also papier mache quick dry and returning after each smoke and coffee break. Theres a rather generous analysis of the failure of Star Trek Voyager by Albert Walker which shows up some of my flaws, though I feel the finished product came out as just as tolerable for an hours indulgence. Oh, the agony of being Robert Beltran !

(Links supplied by [info]adroidmortox247 after catching his rather brilliant ihasatardis bit)

Oh, and theres a whole mythology about chasing gems which assume the forms of red dwarfs and a magic elf at the end of a rotten day who brings the gem back again. Or perhaps its the tale of an external presence in a nightmare that shines the gem onto black box, makes it all ok again and by the time the sun rises, theres issues that have been dealt with, birds singing and plush green.

Quite what the gem represents is beyond being largely positive, is future.

James Kochalka: Suburban Legend Globally