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a writer who draws

hello viewer

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colour and shape
sp act hero movie

colour and shape
Originally uploaded by filthybez.
I just found out contact Lynden through People a Planet has a lovely set of photos on Flickr, a number of which were taken during a recent trip to the Isle of Wight. I initially thought this was some undersea life. Lynden informs me its a "close up of some extravagant glass chandelier type thing" in the London Natural History Museum.

Unable to make marvelous cherry tree viewing gig at Alleged Lit place today. I did however have a rather nice dream of Damian Cugley eating cake simultaneously elucidating clearly on some matter or other. Happy birthday mate, sorry I can't make it.

Went to bed last night with the best feeling I've had in years. If I hadnt chopped my hair down it would be quite atrocious about now. My today is shiny and full of the joys of Sprungmer. I hope yours is full of shine and enriched contentment too.

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It's by Dale Chihuley (look him up) and it's in the V&A not the NHM.

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