Andy Luke (andyluke) wrote,
Andy Luke

I'm considering unsubscribing to Flickr Pro

Several days ago one of my dearest friends benchilada  had his entire account deleted by Yahoo!/Flickr. I am extremely phucking pissed off. Thats his wedding photos, his comics on health and disability, his pictures of strange foodstuffs from around the world that hes risked putting in his mouth, and so much stuff that the internet is now the worse off for not having available.

The first port of call for contacting Flickr on this matter is

To whom it may concern,


I have been using Flickr for around four years now and I have many contacts globally and locally who avail themselves of the service. I'm severely disgusted and enraged at Flickr's deletion of the account of Benchilada (Ben Stone) last week.


The reason Mr Stone was given for his account's deletion was that he had photos in his account that did not belong to him. A notice of deletion of five days is simply abhorrent in terms of the context. In five days, five years worth of his photos were removed. As a customer producing not-for-profit work on Flickr I cannot afford the sheer loyalism to Flickr that a salaried Yahoo! administrator can. Ben Stone involves himself in artistic, entertainment and educational web communities. Every one of these communities have been affected by the irresponsible actions of this Yahoo staff member. There are now many entries in a multitude of communities with dead links. To expect Mr. Stone to engage with the notice delivered in such a short period of time is contradictory and anathema to social networking.


Last night, Yahoo!/Flickr allowed retention of the Benchilada user-name and Mr. Stone began to upload photos of his wedding, times shared with friends visiting him from out-of-state, and illustrations on health issues. These have all been replaced with scrambler pictures. This is a grave affront to 'Benchilada' and other members of the communities which he has born and grown. Would it not have been a more adequate response of Flickr/Yahoo! to utilise the scrambler function originally ?


I urge that you restore Mr. Stone's original account as a matter of priority, and inform him of your intention to do so. If this cannot be done it threatens to deeply bruise Yahoo!/Flickr's reputation. A full and public apology to Ben Stone from Yahoo!/Flickr and an amendment to regulations to protect individuals from incidents such as this occurring be implemented. This should be followed by working with Ben Stone and other users to come to a mutually efficient outcome.


Incursions Mr. Stone may have made are not the issue here.


I suspect that you will be receiving many emails of similar sentiments and expressing allied wording to this in the next few days.


I urge you to act on this matter immediately. If I am still unsatisfied by the actions taken by Yahoo!/Flickr on this matter within five days, I will inform myself to cease two-year subscriptions to Flickr when my Pro account expires on 2nd October, 2008. In my roles as a journalist, blogger and educator, this matter may be referred to when communicating of Yahoo! or Flickr.


Please do not use your resources to respond personally to me on this matter. I will monitor the results myself, and make my decisions based on them. My relationship with Flickr! has been excellent until this point.


Yours sincerely


Andrew Luke

Oxford, Uk.


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