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a writer who draws

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(no subject)
sp act hero movie

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Someone must have been close enough to help.

Not least the person with the knife.

That's lovely. Left hanging there.

Alright Andy! Good to meet you t'other day, sorry it was so brief. I meant to come and find you to give you a comic but all seemed to get hectic and everyone disappeared.

Oh, and of course I went to the zoo.

The zoo was lovely! Excellent Okapi, showboating Lion and Meerkats good value A +++ would recommend!

Lions and meerkats showboating ? I didn't realise they were allowed to in this country. Are they not difficult to train ?

Ah well, the lion was merely showboating in the sense that he can pad down some stairs with his huge paws and leisurely stride being all "I'm a fucking Lion, right" and you're all, "yeah, fair enough mate, that's pretty impressive that".

I felt like a kid watching Jurassic Park for the first time.

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