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feeling a bit better again today
sp act hero movie
Work is taking me to High Wycombe on Monday and I have 2x2hr slots to fill.

Do I know anyone in High Wycombe ?
Whats it like - is Wycombe high ?

London tomorrow.
I think I should look someone up. I could do with some nurturing company.
Edit: Job cancelled - lost four days rent but have quickly snapped up a one days rent worth in its place.

Got turned down for a job today. Ahhh, sadness. I've enough rent covered to get me through to the end of July. If anyone knows of any paid temp work please remember my name. I've got lots of cleriecal skills, chubbiness to work off, I can dance and research, and I'll do anything except McJob.


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Wycombe is a toilet, honestly, although two of my best mates have a house there. I can phone them up and try to get one of them to meet you if you want. It does have the second best (in terms of results) girl's school in the country, though, in rolling parkland.

Are you prepared to travel for work?

Thanks for the offer mate but it probably would be finer if I knew them. Anyone who were at your party ?

(Which reminds me. I'm due to friend a few)

Not exactly prepared for travel in terms of finances but I can usually pull myself together to get short term stuff organised. I feel comfortable reading on trains and busses, and its always good to explore new territory...

(Well except for that one job were I was calling door-to-door selling insurance in a paramilitary0heavy area of Belfast)

No. Well, they should have been. They've got a kid and fambly commitments though.

I was just wondering about week long residentials for pay, etc. Yanno. I'll ask my brother, if I remember.

It is close to where I work but regrettably not close enough for me to get down there and back in my lunch hour. Some of my students come from there. The ones that do seem to be the heavier drinkers. The new shopping centre is mildly futuristic, but not in a good way. It has an entry in crap towns but this is perhaps a little unfair as it is nicer than, say, Dunstable.

The Wycombe museum has a famous collection of Windsor chairs, according to their website.

On the plus side, the caves used by the infamous Hellfire Club are nearby. On the minus side, they are probably a little too far for you to make it out, have a look round, and get back in a couple of hours.

high wycombe....high wycombe....while i am not able to get there and kill some time, due to the helecoptor being out of comission, high wycombe does ring a bell. it was on our way to caption c.2000, we passed through the 'toilet' and i told you both, you and john that i was going there to the university. john told me he thought it was a 'dump', which i duly repeated to my mother in john's dublin brouge. a dump a dump, she repeated thinking my impression of him was hilarious. then she told me, hey you see, you're not going there cos you'll make mummy lonely too.......

"john told me he thought it was a 'dump', which i duly repeated to my mother in john's dublin brouge. a dump a dump, she repeated thinking my impression of him was hilarious."

Ha! Actually, in truth the place didn't seem so bad to me. My comment was fuelled by a sense of solidarity - I knew you were reluctant to think seriously of the place as a Uni target, so I thought it best to wade in behind you against she-who-must-be-obeyed.

You know, I often use this 'dump' exchange to highlight to people just how you sons of Ulster confuse your vowels: you use an 'o' where the rest of us use a 'u'. So there, ye cont!


Maybe Johns right. Stephen texted me last night regarding the next economic depression confirming what I reckon but can't process - that it'll be worse than 2 times Depression 1929.

Also, as John will attest to theres a lot to be said for Irish education. According to the Wikipedia entry for the Hellfire Club.

"Other clubs, especially in Ireland and Scotland were rumoured to take part in far more dubious activities. However, these activities were, according to Noblitt and Perskin, to cover the real reason for the club's existence - sexual activities. Many of the Hell Fire Clubs were allegedly created to provide male members with opportunities for "sexual debauchery" . Other rumours saw female "guests" (a euphemism for prostitutes) referred to as "Nuns."

So I'll not get laid on Monday. Grateful for the right amount of security and stability in my ritual as ever.

Edited at 2008-05-16 06:11 pm (UTC)

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