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24 Hour Comics (and Zines) Reviews Day

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Heres an idea I've been nurturing a while, and after discussion with Comics Village's Glenn Carter at the weekend , and with the No Barcodes Festival coming up, it seemed time to push on with it,

24 Hour Comics Reviews Day

Over the weekend of 23rd-25th May.

The rules of 24 Hour comics Reviews Weekend:


24 Reviews of Comics or Zines must take place within 24 hours
These should be published on the web in more than one site.
If you don't have more than one site, you can open a blog or website specifically to house your reviews for the 24hr reviews session. On a blog this must happen within the allotted time. Special arrangements may be made on community sites for publishing the reviews before they progress.
You may not review a comic that has previously been reviewed on the site you are submitting the review to.

You may not begin reading a comic intended for review within the 24hr comics period. If you have previously read the comic you intend to review, you must re-read it before reviewing, It is suggested that re-reads be kept to a percentile minimum.

Reviewing Rules

You may review in any form you wish - written word, graphic reviews, mp3, video etc
Special dispensation for graphic novels : Every 100 pages of strip counts as two reviews. 140 pages of strip does not count as three reviews. First reads are more stringently encouraged.
Webcomics: Twenty pages of a webcomic, or of a same-artists work must be consumed and reviewed.
Serials: Not more than three parts of a serial may be reviewed. For anything longer, this falls under the Special Dispensation for Graphic Novels rules.
Same Works: Not more than three issues by any same author/s, of any comic, or of any zine, may be reviewed. Outside of this, special dispensation rules apply.
Contributors: A review may not review a comic to wjhich sHe has contributed over 15% or were the sum total of other contribbers is over 30 pages.

Setting Out

You are free to prepare paper, pens, dictionaries, encyclopedias and other utility and reference material outside the 24 hours. However no words must touch the paper until after the first comic or zine is read.

Criteria for a Review

Reviews can be any length you wish but must be a minimum of fifty words. This does not include the other criteria:

Issue Number (where applicable)
Publishers (where applicable)
Page Count (all pages. usually in multiples of four)
Price (or if not stated, mention this. Or estimate a price)
Purchase details: Online ? LUC ? Gosh ? FPI ? Page 45 ?
Author Contact Details: Name & Address, together with any ordering details supplied in the comic. (eg price, postage and packing, size and to sae or not to sae)


Tea breaks, smoke breaks, toilet breaks, internet jams, research..all are included in the 24 hour period.

Theres one other thing.
By Hour 24 you must have online a list of all the comics you have reviewed and were they have been reviewed. If the hyperlink is unavailable at that time, you should include details. eg.

Lazarus Lemming by Alpen Jones - reviewed by Andrew Luke. Submitted as pre-arranged to The Golfers Journal, editor Aaron Langley. Awaiting response.

This should then be updated after the 24 hours when the time is right.

Some of these rules are full of holes and some of the criteria is fairly strict. I think that makes it flexible to the user's interpretation. Who is the great master who makes the grass green ?

If you've any suggestions for amendments lets have a look. I'll admit I didnt think too much about the webcomics bit.

Meantime pass this on to any friends you may know who may be interested, particularly those in the comics journalism communities. Space to house those reviews may be needed.


Andrew Luke xOx

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